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Thoughts that kept me wide awake at night or those that I just can’t contain within myself.

Feelings &

My personal experiences with life, love and acknowledging my feelings while dealing with life’s challenges.

Enjoying the
Simple Things

Mundane things that bring happiness and teach me lessons at the same time.

About Me, OwenTwix!

Yes, I am OwenTwix! It’s actually derived from my real name. But my friends call me Weng while my family calls me either Weng, Bebe, Yaya or Ante. I’m a 30-something introvert who finds ultimate comfort in voicing out my feelings and insights through writing. I started to fall in love with journaling at a young age, thanks to my elementary English teacher! 

My first ever blog article was posted on my Friendster account. Unfortunately, I failed to save a copy of the articles that I’ve written there. I also made an account with Blogspot and WordPress where I shared musings about life, my personal experiences, and other random stuff.  They’re great, but still, I feel that I don’t really own them. Creating this site makes me happy because finally I now have something that I can call my own. With that, allow me to say, “Welcome to my online home!” 

Hopefully, this place will also serve as a sanctuary for you when you needed one. A cozy haven that I would willingly share and you can always go back to when you feel the need to recharge or just be in touch with yourself again. Just like a breather from everyday stress, I hope you’ll find something here that will help you feel better in any way. As they say, home is not a place, it’s a feeling.

About OwenTwix

For inquiries or any comments regarding my post, feel free to send me a message!

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