Childhood Memories of a Tondo Girl

I grew up in a time when singing and dancing groups were the norm. Mostly every morning, one of our neighbors would play music and turn up the volume which was kind of an invitation to sing along or dance on the street. If you’re a Filipino, you probably know “Mga Kababayan Ko” and “Tayo’y Mga Pinoy” by Francis Magalona. Those songs were like the national anthem of our neighborhood. For the dance songs, Macarena and Shalala Lala were the favorites. I bet most of us still remember the steps! Hahaha!

I can also recall the time when our home was jam-packed because the kids gathered to watch afternoon shows like Mask Rider Black and Shaider. And also, who would forget 4:30pm then? Hahaha! “4:30 na!
AngTV na!”

And every time there were power interruptions at night, most of us would gather on our narrow street with our battery-operated radios then listen and sing along to the music. Or sometimes talk about horror stories that were featured in Magandang Gabi Bayan every Halloween.

We didn’t have gadgets then so if we’re not watching TV, we’re on the streets playing. My personal favorites were Patintero, Piko, Jackstone and Chinese Garter. We also played Aral-aralan, Bahay-bahayan, Tumbang Preso, Langit-Lupa, Ten-twenty, Sungka, Teks and many more!

I just want to share this photo that I got from my brother. It was sent to him by his friend (the birthday girl) and these were just some of the kids in our neighborhood. So nostalgic, I can’t help but smile or even laugh while I was writing this post. So many good memories! How I wished the younger generations were able to experience all these.

​​How about you? What songs or dance craze were in during your childhood? What TV programs did you watch back then?

kids gathered around the table for the birthday party
Can you find me?

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