Longing for Someone

“I wish you were here…”

These are probably the most common words you’ll hear when someone misses another person so much but can’t do anything about it.

You can only wish and then face the reality that he can’t be there with you, at that exact moment.

It’s sad, frustrating and can make you feel so down. Doubts will soon creep in and will make you question yourself, “Is it worth it? Does it really make sense?”

Sometimes I found myself in that scenario. Hopeless, frustrated, on the verge of giving up… but still, I choose to keep hoping for the best.

It’s like, when someone asks you, “How are you?”

It’s so much easier to say, you’re okay. End of conversation. Move on to another topic. But when you find a person who’s willing to listen and really be there for you, everything changes.

You start to be more open or at least you start wanting to be more open. Because that person made you feel safe in sharing your stories, made you feel truly heard and seen as you really are. Being vulnerable can be scary but it’s definitely honesty at its finest.

“Why keep holding on?”

Because I know that the very reason that’s making me sad — the unexplainable longing — is exactly the same thing that makes everything special.

When you’re apart from someone, it’s easier to just quit. To ghost him, to just stop communicating and pretend that you’ve never known him before. It’s easier to give up and just move on or meet other people within your area.

But instead, you still try to reach out. You still communicate even if it means just letting him know you thought of him. You choose to be there for that someone despite being inconvenient at times. And for me, nothing is more special than making a conscious decision and effort to be in someone’s life. In a world where people have so many options, it feels amazing to know that someone wants to stay against all odds.

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