Morning Musing: Rejection

I used to hate rejection because it hurts. No matter how confident you are about yourself, somehow it will still make you question your worth and capabilities. But after going through many rejections in life, I’ve decided to befriend it. To embrace it. To see the good in it.

When we’re too caught up in pain and are blinded by the tears, we fail to see the blessing behind every rejection. It’s like talking to someone who would say things in your face. Or when you’re on a road trip, so excited to lay your eyes on beautiful sceneries and then there’s the detour. You don’t have control over it but you must deal with it and move forward.

It’s okay to be sad or even get mad. But after some time, we should learn to pick ourselves up, carry the lesson, gather strength and take risks again. Because rejection can be that friend who only wants the best for you. A friend who wants to make you realize that perhaps the one you wanted may not be right for you at the moment, or it may never be. As with anything or anyone in your life, if you’re not their cup of tea, set them free. The best is yet to come.

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