My Sunshine

One day I found myself longing to talk to a stranger
Someone who wouldn’t give a damn about what I’m going to say
And then I met you
A complete stranger from thousands of miles away
I had no intention of talking to you
Maybe you would ask why?
I got intimidated by your profile
I thought someone like you might not have time for someone like me
But then I was wrong
I was happy when I received your first ever message
That excitement of chatting with someone from the other side of the world
And with different time zone
I honestly don’t know why I’m writing this
But all I know is that
I’m really glad I met you
I love that I know of someone who doesn’t hold back
When he knows he can uplift someone with what he’s going to say
Most of the time I can’t frame my thoughts well
I can’t exactly tell you what I want to say
But this time I want to keep it as simple as possible
T H A N K   Y O U
For being a positive impact on my life
For making me believe in myself again
For inspiring me to try to keep getting better
For letting me sing no matter how awkward it can sometimes get
I wouldn’t have posted that video on FB
If it weren’t for the encouraging words that you always give me
Maybe those are just small things for others or even for you
But for me, they mean so much
You may ask, “How did I do those things?”
Hmmm, I honestly don’t know too
But then again, I just want to thank you
For being the sunshine in my gloomy days just by simply being you…

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