Someone Out There

Where are you?
Are you okay?
Whatever challenges you’re going through right now, please be strong
If you’re in pain, just think that everything happens for a reason
You have to experience that
Maybe it seems so unbearable and nothing’s going right at this time
But always remember that it’s not yet the end
It’s not your final destination
It’s just a part of your journey Don’t ever lose hope
I am still here
I’ve been through the same experiences
Pain, rejections, and mistreatment
But every time I think of you
I know I still have something to look forward to
We have to experience the worst for us to be stronger and wiser
For us to become the best version of ourselves
So when we finally meet
We will be stronger together
And we can overcome all the trials that will be thrown at us So if you’re thinking of giving up, think again
Maybe you have to be broken
So broken that it makes you think of someone like me too
That someone out there is praying for you…

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