When God Speaks

I admit that I always pray but I haven’t read my bible for a very long time now. And today, I saw it on the altar and grabbed it. Upon opening, I saw this page from the book of Joshua chapter 1, and verse 5 was highlighted. Maybe I highlighted it before when I was still active in prayer meetings and bible study.

My bible was written in Tagalog but in English, the verse says, “No one will be able to stand against you all the days of your life. As I was with Moses, so I will be with you, I will never leave you nor forsake you.”

I stopped for a while and then I felt that God spoke to me today through that verse. I was really anxious for the past few weeks. I was worried about everything and at times paranoid for nothing. There were days when I wanted to speak to someone about what I was going through but I always ended up keeping things to myself. And most of the time I would just cry it out at night when I’m praying. He is always there whenever I have no one to turn to. And I love that I can talk to Him without the need to filter what I have to say because I know that He will understand where I’m coming from. Sometimes I would even question Him for allowing certain things to happen and why life can get really unfair. At times I would even get mad but He never fails to make me feel that He loves me despite everything. I can’t explain the feeling but as I pray and cry to Him, I would feel peace and warmth and it’s like He’s embracing me with so much love.

I’ve been an active member of a Catholic community before and served under the dance ministry but some things happened and it was like I turned my back on Him. I stopped serving and stopped going to church regularly. I’ve known the truth but still chose to live with lies. And this time that I decided to lift up to Him something that has caused me to go astray, He showed me Joshua 1:5. When I needed it the most, God reassured me that He is and will always be in control.

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